A Funding Effort to Build a Stronger, More Diverse Climate Movement

Getting the United States to take meaningful action on climate change means building a lot more power, starting in communities where people are most vulnerable, and then building local momentum into state and national solutions.

That’s the philosophy of Roger Kim, and the Climate Fund he’s been overseeing at the Democracy Alliance since last year. The DA formed the Climate Fund in late 2015, pooling money from foundations and donors to back local groups organizing around climate, particularly among the most impacted communities, low-income communities, and people of color.

It’s not an approach that overall environmental philanthropy has excelled at—green giving has a track record of underfunding smaller grassroots organizations and justice and equity work—but Kim and the Democracy Alliance are trying to close that gap. I talked with Kim about where the fund is headed, and why the DA chose this route. It’s a moral decision, building power and leadership in vulnerable areas, but it’s also a strategic one.

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