After Paris Climate Summit, it's Time for the Wealthy to Step Up

Climate negotiations wrapping up this week in Paris mark an unprecedented moment of global action and momentum on climate change. They also reveal our utter, collective failure on the issue. That combination only reaffirms that now is the time for the wealthy to max out on climate philanthropy.  Over the past year, Inside Philanthropy and other voices in the sector have been calling for increased funder commitment to climate work, prompted by the sort of palpable sense that things are starting to happen, but also that it’s just not nearly enough.

That’s a familiar sentiment for people who work in or even just read about climate change—the simultaneous sense of hope and optimism in response to signs of progress, coupled with abject despair due to the mostly grim situation. It’s probably deserving of its own German word. For many, it seems to be peaking with the Paris COP21 talks.

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