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Online daters lie on their profiles, but their hearts are in the right place

When singles sit down to create their profiles on Match.com or OkCupid, they have but a mouse and keyboard to answer a philosophically weighty question — Who am I? Not only that, but why would someone else love me? They [...]

March 5, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Rare, enormous insect was hiding out on this remote island

A monstrous insect thought long-extinct has been clinging to survival on a tiny spike of volcanic rock that juts out of the Tasman Sea off the coast of Australia. Considered extinct since 1930 at its original home of Lord Howe [...]

February 29, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Wealthy are more likely to cheat, lie, be jerks in traffic

People in Cadillac Escalades are more likely cut off pedestrians. Those with bigger bank accounts will lie to win cash prizes. And bejeweled fingers will steal candy from the mouths of children. Ok, so a slight exaggeration, but members of [...]

February 27, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Blogger hacked his brain’s perception of time

Matt Danzico has concluded that he lived 14 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds more than everyone else in 2011. That’s about two-and-a-half minutes of extra perceived life each day. If you buy into the premise of the amateur self-experimentation [...]

February 16, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Emails to bosses all use the same, wimpy wording

If you’re like me, maybe 70-90% of your work communication now happens over the computer, and a quick scan of past emails will probably reveal a cringe-worthy amount of repeated phrasing: sounds good, works for me, when you get a chance, [...]

February 16, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

My Bloody Valentine

To mark the day, a love story between a geometric shape and the organ we know as the heart, spanning centuries and traversing medieval battlefield, cathedral, gambling hall and bedroom. Author Iain Gately details the long and meandering path the [...]

February 14, 2012 Blog, Science & Environment, Writing
My cat Knives, whom I love unconditionally

Mind-controlling cat parasites

Theories that a cat parasite can alter the minds of humans — triggering sexual desire, testosterone levels, recklessness, suicidal urges, and now even schizophrenia — are gaining momentum. A fascinating Atlantic profile of the Czech scientist leading the theories about Toxoplasma documents [...]

February 11, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Under the ice, the unknown

Russian scientists pierced a 2.2-mile-thick shell of ice that protected an inky, alien lake untouched for millions of years this week, and briefly, the world seemed deeper, older, and more mysterious that it did the week before. Cloudy, unconfirmed reports [...]

February 10, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Human brain develops slowly, sets us apart from chimps

A major question of human evolution is, given that we are 98.8% genetically the same as a chimpanzee, and that we diverged as a species in a relatively short period of time, how is that you and I are able [...]

February 4, 2012 Science & Environment, Writing

Penguin Stew

Turn-of-the-century Antarctic explorers had a cute, disgusting secret for fending off scurvy in a wasteland lacking fruits and vegetables. They ate wild, vitamin C-rich penguins. They ate penguin steak, they ate penguin stew, they ate penguin eggs, they fed them [...]

February 3, 2012 Blog, Science & Environment, Writing