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Eradication Nation


Originally published in American Forests Magazine, Winter 2015. What Boston’s battle with the Asian longhorned beetle can teach us about stopping an invasive pest in its tracks. [...]

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Washed Away


Beneath the water lie memories of vibrant villages. | Originally published in The Magazine, September 11, 2014. [...]

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Falling Dominoes: Why More Large Foundations Will Divest From Fossil Fuels

People's Climate March New York

With even the Rockefeller family turning away from fossil fuels, large foundations will need take a stand. | Opinion piece originally published at Inside Philanthropy, September 23, 2014. [...]

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Mad Scientist Club

Students in MIT Science Fiction Society reading room, photograph

In an otherwise unremarkable room at MIT, the published history of science fiction overflows. | Originally published in The Magazine, June 19, 2014.  [...]

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In the Garden Cemetery: The Revival of America’s First Urban Parks

Oakland 1

First published in American Forests magazine spring/summer 2014. |  In the 1820s, America’s cities had a problem: People kept dying, and church burial grounds were filling up. [...]

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From the Industrial Revolution to Modern Housing: Adaptive Reuse of Factories in Lowell, MA


Originally published on Curbed National, April 18, 2014. |  The Boott Mills complex stretches along the Merrimack River like a fortress, a 179-year-old set of connected brick buildings that once housed roaring hydroelectric textile factories in the heart of Lowell, Mass. [...]

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Modifying Nature (Humans Included) To Save It


Originally published on Futures Exchange. | Imaginative minds are exploring some strange and audacious solutions to our worst environmental problems. [...]

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Science Fiction Can Save Environmentalism


With public interest in the gutter, the green movement needs a shot of futurism | Essay originally published on Futures Exchange, via Medium, on October 22, 2013. [...]

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Arab Spring, a Literary Festival in Gaza, and the Role of Media in Revolution

Image courtesy of Boston Palestine Film Festival.

Profile of Boston Palestine Film Festival artist Omar Robert Hamilton, originally published on Open Media Boston, October 24, 2013. [...]

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Brick on a String: review of The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes


Originally published in Souciant on August 15, 2013. | Lauren Beukes transcends genre mashup with a gut punch portrayal of violence against women. [...]

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