Tate Williams

A Very Special Blue Line Halloween

Tate Williams October 30, 2015

Just for Halloween, I’m reposting this extra scary episode from the vaults of the Blue Line podcast! Mix of mostly instrumental, electronic, ambient music and other sounds. WARNING: This episode is no Monster Mash — NOT for the faint of heart. Turn out the lights, get under a blanket, and keep an extra pair of pants nearby. Watch out for the twist ending!

  1. Ballet Van de Bloedhoeren, Kreng
  2. Sans Motif / Closer to Here Than You Care to Be, Pinkcourtesyphone
  3. In den Garten Pharaos, Popol Vuh
  4. Night Life in Twin Peaks (Instrumental), Angelo Badalamenti
  5. A Few Simple Up and Down Jerks, Climax Golden Twins
  6. (something), Mount Eerie
  7. Scene 2 – Auf- Loge (Das Rheingold), Wagner
  8. Mara, The Haxan Cloak
  9. Hallucigenia II: Spiritual Jerk, horseback
  10. Live Room, Tim Hecker
  11. No Surrender, Nails

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