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The Week in Science Funding: Maple Syrup, Data-Fueled Biology, and Frack U.

Tate Williams July 14, 2014

A digest of science and environment news, originally published on Inside Philanthropy. This week, both data-fueled biology and materials science get a boost, and one North Dakota university is making fast friends with the fracking industry.

I blog about the latest in funding for research, science education, and the environment, as science editor at the news site Inside Philanthropy. Here I post the occasional roundup of highlights from that coverage. Inside Philanthropy is a subscription-based site, but visitors get a few freebies. Here’s what happened in the past week (or so).

University Gets in on North Dakota Fracking Boom “The message here is pretty clear: The oil and gas industry has been very good economically to North Dakota, and the state and university are welcoming it with open arms, working to staff up for continued growth.”

How This Gift for Materials Research Could Help Build the Future “Materials science is a time-consuming field of research, but new methods can apply powerful computing to crunch through the properties of thousands of potential materials, hunting for the most promising configurations.”

A ‘Transformative’ Gift for Data-Fueled Biology “The field of Quantitative Biology involves analysis of data, including imaging and genomics data, to advance breakthroughs in life sciences. It combines the fields of computer science, mathematics, theoretical physics and engineering to investigate illnesses such as cancer, autism, bipolar disorder and depression.”

Meet Carl Ferenbach, Who Traded Private Equity for Environmental Philanthropy and Maple Syrup “But in his retirement, Ferenbach spends his days working in conservation, whether making large grants to the EDF or buying and restoring farms in Vermont. Ferenbach is part of the club of big-time investment guys who struck it rich and then decided to devote their attention to environmental issues.”

The Funder Keeping One Michigan County’s Park System Intact “Genesee County Parks & Recreation has been in desperate need of the funding, with Mott almost solely bridging some huge funding gaps. In 2013, for example, had the grant not come through, the commission was facing a $2.1 million budget deficit.”

Syrup grades large” by Dvortygirl – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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